Food Production
Kratos Security Systems can help monitor production to reduce down time, insure quality, compliance, security and reduce

High framerate cameras can watch fast processes for quality and analysis.

Recordings on specific cameras can be stored for the lifespan of your product, insuring full traceability.

We can setup monitoring of lines from delivery to dispatch, allow monitoring of selected cameras directly to the floor supervisors to allow quicker reactions to issues, reducing down time. Increase the number of processes that can be monitored
at once.

Our systems can be designed with your specific requirements in mind.
We can also integrate access control to manage cross contamination issues, prevent access to hazardous areas and integrate Time and attendance.

The system can autogenerate muster reports in the event of evacuation.

Our intruder alarm systems can take feeds from temperature controls, system warnings and other feeds to alert you to live issues or after hours emergencies.

Talk to one of our experts to design a suite of products around your requirements.